The Best Electric Bike for Exploring the Great Outdoors

The Best Electric Bike for Exploring the Great Outdoors

From the sandy beaches of the ocean to the mountain tops and every valley in between, humankind has been exploring its natural habitat forever. Now, thanks to new mobility options from companies like Himiway, exploring is easier than ever. With something so necessary for the human soul, this is welcomed news.  

Electric bikes have quickly earned a reputation for fun and cost-efficient travel. Getting to work, running errands, or simply cruising around the neighborhood has never been easier for any age thanks to e-bikes. But what if you want to explore more and go further? What is the best option for those looking to truly experience the great outdoors with an e-bike? Our answer is the Himiway Zebra. 

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Why is the Himiway Zebra the Best Electric Bike for Exploring?

Named for the magnificent black and white mammal that effortlessly roams the vast plains of the Serengeti, the Himiway Zebra is stylish, affordable, and above all, efficient. Much like the long migration patterns of Zebras in the wild, the Himiway Zebra offers the longest-range battery technology in its segment. For this reason, and many more that we detail below, the Zebra is the best e-bike for exploring the great outdoors! 

Extended E-bike Range for Exploring Further

The wilderness is great for rest, relaxation, and creative thinking. But it’s not so great for charging your e-bike. Thankfully, you won’t have to because the Himiway Zebra can last for 60 miles on a single charge. And depending on the size of the rider, the level of pedal assist chosen, and the terrain, you can ride for 80 miles on a single charge. That’s almost double most of the competition in the e-bike space. With a complex mix of different natural metals in the battery cells, we’ve been able to engineer a bike that can last as long as your curiosity will take you. 

Not all campgrounds or parks have charging outlets. As e-bikes and electric cars become more prevalent, this will surely change, but for now, you don’t want to run out of power just because you can’t charge up. A long-range is one of the most important factors riders consider when choosing a new e-bike. Don’t 

Fat E-bike Tires for Exploring More

Paved trails are great, but they aren’t everywhere. Sometimes you need to ride on dirt, gravel, sand, mud, or snow. For those occasions when the terrain isn’t ideal, rest easy knowing you’ve got 4-inch wide, 26-inch diameter Kenda fat tires under you. Fat tires date back to the 1980s for riding enthusiasts that wanted to tackle all sorts of riding conditions from snow to sand. Thankfully, they are better than ever, and today’s fat tire e-bikes benefit from their use. 

Not only do fat tires have more surface area with more treat to grip the trail, but they also provide more shock absorption. If you consider the narrow tires of a road bike used for racing, you will recall very little cushion. You’ll feel every bump in the road. But with fat tires, your comfort is increased, so you can enjoy the beauty of the natural world instead of complaining about the pain from the bike.

Another trick to fat tire traction is to fill your tires up to the recommended psi and then reduce the air just slightly. Adding a little bit of “give” to the tire will allow it to grip the surface more easily. This is especially true in a sandy environment. You never know what kind of ground you will explore so it’s best to be prepared for anything. 

E-bike Features for Exploring in Comfort

The Zebra comes equipped with a host of other features meant to keep you comfortable and confident while exploring. Expert adventurers will tell you to never go on a journey without a pack of first aid and emergency supplies. Thanks to high-quality, waterproof bags or saddle bags compatible with many of our models, you’ll have all the space you need to carry them. And with the optional Zebra rear rack, you can pack even more gear such as your camera, hiking boots, and camping gear. 

Exploring the great outdoors might take a little longer than expected. So, when night falls, and you aren’t quite back to base camp yet, you’ll be happy to know the Zebra has built-in light rear and front lights. Illuminate the trail in front of you with 48V of the bright LED light. 

Carrying capacity and lights – checkmark! But what about comfort? The Zebra comes standard with a Selle Royal padded seat for extra cushion when the trail gets bumpy. Then enjoy the air-like feel of the Zebra over rough terrain thanks to the alloy front suspension fork and 6061 upgraded aluminum frame. 

Finally, exploring in comfort means having options for those with limited mobility or flexibility. That’s where the popular step-thru design shines. With a standover height of just 22.8 inches, you won’t have to worry about tipping over as you enter and exit your ride. 

Powerful E-bike Motor for Exploring Faster

Long range, extra traction, and comfortable features are all important. But perhaps the most crucial element to consider with any e-bike you plan to use in the wild is the power. With a 750-watt brushless gear hub motor, the Himiway Zebra can accelerate like a rocket.

Getting out of sticky situations is a breeze when you’ve got an upgraded motor powering your pedals. Cruise uphill with ease while letting the high-performance motor do the heavy lifting. You may even find that the fast motor allows you to cover more ground in less time, thereby seeing all that nature has to offer on a single trail each day. 

Whether you are exploring the remote woods of Montana, the picturesque shores of Oregon, or the fall colors of northern New York, the Himiway Zebra has you covered. Never limit yourself on an adventure. Stay wild and free. Happy exploring!