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California State Route 1: A Classic Ride Routine in a Lifetime

The Himiway team searched for the classic California State Route 1 for riding. Riding your Himiway Cruiser or Himiway Cruiser Step-Thru is a good idea to appreciate the infinite scenery. The 840Wh Samsung/LG large-capacity battery meets all the power requirements of the journey and the 26"x 4" KENDA fat tires meet all-terrain during the journey.

California State Route 1, also known as the Pacific Coast Highway, is recognized as one of the most beautiful cycling routes in the world. It stretches from Laguna Beach in Orange County to Mendocino County at the southern end of Sequoia Tree National Park in the north and has a total length of 655 miles. The highway connects the two largest cities in California, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. There are endless human landscapes, and the surrounding areas are even more beautiful throughout the United States and even the world's most beautiful coastal natural landscapes. Route 1 is like a silver ribbon that connects countless sandy beaches, rocky beaches, coastal dunes, national parks, state parks, wildlife reserves, wineries, European-style towns and more along the way. And California State Route 1 itself is a National Scenic Byway approved by the US Department of Transportation in the Big Sur area.

California Route 1 almost covers most of California's coastline along the way, with mountains on one side and sea-facing on the other. In addition to California's unique sunshine and stunning views of the Pacific Coast, Route 1 is truly the most beautiful highway in the world. National Geographic magazine calls it one of the 50 places to go in a lifetime, and it is the most beautiful Range Rover in the world where land and sea meet.

Himiway Electric Bike in Mountains

D1: Los Angeles—Santa Monica—Santa Barbara, 89 miles.

Leaving Santa Monica north along California Route 1 and slowly away from the beach. Route 1 begins to travel between mountains and seas. The east side of the highway is the tall Santa Monica Mountains, and the west side is the blue and the vast Pacific Ocean. On the way, pass the beautiful small town of Malibu and continue north to Oxnard. This section of Route1 is close to the Pacific Ocean and you can fully feel the charm of the Pacific Ocean. On the way through the small town of Carpinteria. The ride continues and heads north to Santa Barbara, the end of the day.

D2: Santa Barbara—Santa Maria, 88 miles.

From Santa Barbar, continue west on Route 1, and the mountain and sea landscape continues. After passing Gaviota State Par, Routine 1 merges on Route101 and turns north, away from the Pacific Ocean and into the mountains. Soon after entering the small town of Solvang to the north, the road turned to the northwest again. After passing Lompoc, you will pass the Vandenberg Air Force Base, which is an important air force base and space launch center for the US military.

D3: Santa Maria—San Simeon, 78 miles

Depart from Santa Maria, cycle northwest, and get closer to the Pacific Ocean. There will be beautiful beaches such as Coastal Dunes Park and Pismo Beach along the way. Not long north of Pismo Beach, the road is again far from the Pacific Ocean, along the valley into the inland, bypassing the huge coastal mountains, the Pacific Ocean will show us in a completely different attitude. After passing by the fallen village of Harmony, you will pass Cambria and spend the night in San Simeon.

D4: San Simeon—Big Sur, 65 miles

You can go to visit Hearst Castle first, visit Hearst Castle, re-enter the road, and go to the north and enter Big Sur.

D5: Big Sur—Marina, 60 miles

Going north along Route 1, the beautiful scenery of Big Sur continues to extend in front of you, passing the Bixby Bridge on the way and then heading north to the town of Carmel, a few miles north of Carmel, you can enter the famous 17 miles from Monterey and ride all the way to visit the unique Pebble Beach. Continue riding to Marina.

D6: Marina—San Jose, 92 miles

Leaving Marina and heading north along Monterey Bay, passing Moss Landing has the opportunity to see the cute sea otter. After passing the small town of Watsonville, you will leave the sea and cross the mountains into the Santa Clara Valley, which is what we call Silicon Valley. San Hussein is the largest city in Silicon Valley and it claims to be the capital of Silicon Valley.

D7: San Jose—San Francisco—Golden Gate Bridge, 62 miles

Continue north along Silicon Valley, passing Stanford University. Continue north along the west of the Bay Area and through the bustling downtown San Francisco to the Golden Gate Bridge. You can ride across the Golden Gate Bridge, then return and spend the night in San Francisco.

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