E-bikes Make Riding Easier 

E-bikes Make Riding Easier 

We’ve all been there. We know we should eat fewer sweets. Not only that, but we know we should watch less TV. We know we should exercise more. But it can be so hard to get the willpower to move after a long day of work at the office or watching the kids and running errands. Even a short bike ride around the neighborhood seems like a chore. Thankfully, technology is uniquely able to solve this problem.

Thanks to recent advancements in lithium-ion batteries, lightweight aluminum fabrications, and high-tech bike components, e-bikes are suddenly affordable for millions of riders around the world. Does it seem like you see an e-bike on every corner and every bike lane? It’s because they are surging in popularity thanks to their low price, easy barrier to entry, and ability to help regular folks exercise more easily every day. Using Pedal Assist for E-bike Travel | Himiway

With electric bicycles, gone are the excuses for skipping your 30 minutes of daily exercise. In fact, not only will you not want to skip it, but you’ll also look forward to hopping on your ebike and going for a cruise. Simply put, ebikes make riding much easier than traditional bikes. And the best form of exercise is the one you do! So, any reductions to the daily friction of going for a ride are welcomed changes indeed. Which is exactly what the best electric bikes do. Here’s how:

E-bike Pedal-Assist Makes Riding Easier

One of the simplest and most exciting ways to improve the riding experience is through the use of pedal assist. If you don’t know what pedal-assist is and how it differs from throttle-only mode, that’s okay. We have a primer on electric bike pedal assist vs. throttle mode that you can use to dive deeper. For now, though, the important thing to know is that many e-bikes provide additional power from the motor when you are pedaling. 

Pedal-assist lets you ride faster and more easily than without pedal-assist. It is one of the main features of most e-bikes like the Himiway Zebra. With the Zebra, you can select the intelligent pedal-assist level from 0 through 5. Setting a pedal-assist to level 0 will provide no assistance. To make your riding easier, you can set the pedal assist to level 1 to provide a small bit of help. But to really improve your riding experience, you can set the pedal-assist to level 4 or 5 and get the maximum assistance from the bike.

This is sure to make your everyday ride a bit easier as you won’t get too tired, exerting all your energy pedaling. Pedal-assist helps especially on uphill roads and paths. There is also a throttle-only mode on some e-bikes. Throttle-only mode does not require you to pedal at all and simply lets you ride the bike like a moped or motorcycle. 

Step-Thru E-bikes Make Riding Easier

The Himiway Zebra and Himiway Cruiser offer a step-thru model. The reason this is excellent for riders looking for an easier biking experience is that you can mount your bike more quickly and easily thanks to the lower frame design. For those with limited flexibility, the step-thru options make getting on and off the bike so much easier. Never worry about tipping over or pulling a leg muscle again when you use a step-thru e-bike. 

Long-Range E-bike Batteries Make Riding Easier

If you have ever run out of battery on a long ride with your e-bike, you know how frustrating it can be to pedal home manually when you weren’t expecting to do so. There are a few easy tips to ensure your ride is as easy as possible, and you can make it all the way home on a single charge. Number one, double-check your battery level before you ride and charge it to full if you plan on riding for a while. Number two, consider a long-range e-bike with a reputation for high-quality batteries and efficient motors. The newest models from Himiway can achieve 60-80 miles per charge with pedal-assist engaged. Finally, go easy on the throttle and only use it when you need it, such as for hills or tough terrain. 

Powerful E-bike Motors Make Riding Easier

 Having a powerful motor to boost you along when you pedal or hit the throttle is hard to describe unless you have experienced it for yourself. For most Americans, who may have been riding bikes their whole lives, the joy of hearing the whispering silent motor ferry you along to your destination is exhilarating. Nothing makes a bike ride quite as easy as a good motor. Make sure you keep your motor in good condition with these essential ebike motor tips

Fat Tire E-bikes Make Riding Easier

If you find yourself traveling through sand, mud, snow, or loose gravel, a fat tire e-bike will make your life infinitely easier. The wide tire, deep treads, and natural absorption will limit the shocks and absorb bumps in the road for you, making the ride as easy as can be. Where skinny tires will slip and slide, fat tires on an electric bike combine to give you the traction and grip you need to conquer difficult paths.

E-bikes Make Riding Easier for All Ages

Teenage riders, college students going to class, busy adults commuting to work, and can all benefit from the ease of using an e-bike. Getting to school or work, visiting friends, and getting plenty of exercise is as simple as turning on your bike. 

Fat tire electric bike | Himiway

The next time you hear the ridiculous argument that “e-bikes are cheating”, you can point to the many ways e-bikes make riding easier and thus more likely for you to want to do it. In this way, e-bikes may actually improve your health, well-being, and finances more than a traditional bike. With pedal-assist to help you pedal, step-thru options to decrease the risk of injury, and long-range batteries to get you where you need to go, riding has never been easier. Not to mention everything you can do with a powerful motor and fat tires on your e bike.