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Ebike: Flexible and Casual Options for Your Weekend Trips!

With summer in North America nearing an end, kids will be going back to school and college campuses will be filling up. The long and lazy days of summer will come to an end while the cool and breezy days of fall begin to appear. And there’s no better time for a casual weekend trip than Autumn. 

The leaves are changing colors, the weather is finally cooling off, and there’s a mad dash to experience all your area has to offer before the holidays. It’s the ideal time for a short weekend trip. To make the most of any two or three-day journey, you’ll need to remain flexible and keep it casual. Today, we explore some of the best weekend trips you can take and how to make the most of them. So, pack your car, pump up your fat tire electric bike, and pull out of the driveway – it’s going to be a great weekend!

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Pack Healthy Snacks and Drinks               

Weekend trips are usually short by nature and require a car. It’s not very easy to hop on an airplane and fly somewhere in such a short amount of time. Therefore, a road trip is a perfect way to get somewhere for the weekend. Our first recommendation for staying flexible and keeping it casual is all about your health. By packing healthy snacks and plenty of water, you’ll stay in good spirits the entire way to your destination. 

Some easy-to-pack and healthy snacks include almonds, string cheese, apples, carrots, berries, and simple sandwiches like peanut butter and jelly. Snack bars or protein bars are a great option for high caloric content and good proteins. Just ensure the bars don’t have too much-saturated fat! Purchase a few gallons of water the week before you leave, so you can refill your water bottles with filtered water while you drive.

Ideally, the road trip will take you to your city or park of choice, and in just a handful of hours, and you’ll arrive well-fed and ready to explore. If you own and bring an e-bike, you’ll have no trouble getting around once you arrive, which brings us to our next and best option for your trip: cycling! 

Use an E-bike for Getting Around

If you’ve read any of our electric bike reviews, you know we love the idea of taking an e-bike out for the weekend and hitting up the best parks, trails, and mountains in your area. By using a bike rack attached to the hitch of your car, or by placing the bike in the bed of a truck, you can make sure you have convenient and reliable transportation anywhere you go. 

E-bikes are great for cruising around the city, taking in the sights and sounds of a new town. They are also perfect for exploring a new park or mountain bike trail. You can even bring one for an e-bike hunting trip up north for the weekend. The e-bike’s versatile nature and small footprint allows you to bring it almost anywhere. It’s much faster than walking, easier than a traditional bike, and can go more places than a big car. This level of optionality is second to none.

If you get a long-range e-bike with fat tires, there are even more types of terrain and distance available to you on your weekend getaway. Don’t get stranded because your e-bike runs out of battery halfway through your ride, get a Himiway and enjoy industry-leading range and power on your next trip. Snow, mud, or sand? It’s no problem for a bike with legendary fat tires to grip the ground and keep you moving. 

Prepare for Any Weather

Of course, it would be nice if every weekend had perfect weather. But that’s not always the case. By checking the weather and planning for everything in advance, you can be sure you can do the activities you want and stay comfortable doing them. Be sure to check for rain or shine as well as the high and low temperatures. Pack a rain jacket in case you get caught in a storm and be prepared to find a covered spot such as a bridge, picnic shelter, or under a large awning. Check out our tips for riding an electric bike in the rain to learn more. 

Prepare a backup activity to have additional options in case it rains or snows on your trip, too. You may need to find something to do indoors, such as putt-putt golf or a movie theater nearby. Bring books and board games for the whole family to keep the kids occupied. Finally, don’t be disappointed if the weather gets in the way of your plans. If possible, reschedule your weekend trip to another weekend or make the most of it by staying positive and enjoying your free time. Sometimes the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises can be seen after a big rainstorm clears.

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Plan Your Trip in Advance

Our final set of tips for an excellent weekend is to plan to make the most of it. The best hotel rates are to be found by booking early. The best price on rental cars can be obtained by searching early and often. And campsites fill up fast, so the best time to book one is right now!

If you have pets, give plenty of notice to someone to stop by and check in on them. If you come home early in the day on Sunday, you can still get your grocery shopping and cleaning is done to reduce the stress of going out of town. In this way, you will be able to fully enjoy your time off.

Lastly, planning allows you to perform any basic e-bike maintenance necessary. Fill your tires with air using a bike tire pump and check your entire bike for any loose parts, visible damage, or chains that need to be greased. Bring an e-bike tool in case anything goes wrong on your trip and be sure to charge your battery fully before leaving for the weekend. 

Remaining calm and collected throughout your weekend trip is an easy way to enjoy it to the fullest. By eating healthy and hearty snacks, bringing your best e-bikes, preparing for the weather, and planning your trip, you will ensure nothing goes wrong so that you can relax and have a refreshing and casual trip. With a long-range ebike like the Himiway Zebra, you’ll be racking up the miles in no time and staying charged the whole way there and back. 

Check out more e-bike travel tips on our blog and try one of our recommended weekend cycling routes today!