The knowledge about step through bikes and step over bikes

Everything You Need to Know About Step Through Bikes

The world is changing every day, and you’ll never know what is going to happen in the future. Of course it’s the same when we are talking about the bicycle industry. Nowadays, people have many options for buying bicycles. Not only are their styles simplified, but they are also even equipped with batteries to meet people's various needs. If your impression on a bicycle still is that you have to pedal hard to make it move, or you are considering what kind of bicycle frame to choose, Step-Over or Step-Thru? Then don't miss this article. We will tell you the difference between the two models, as well as the PROs and CONs of these two frames, especially the Step through bikes. Hope it will help you to choose the right electric bike.


What is a Step Through Bike?

As early as around the late 19th and early 20th century, the Step-Thru model has been developed. In the early 20th century, because of people's clothing styles in the period, especially women, they were required to wear dresses rather than pants. But the Step-Over design of traditional bicycles often causes a lot of trouble for them. They need to lift their legs to mount the bicycle, which is very inconvenient and indecent. At this time, women gradually found the advantages of Step-Thru. This kind of classic and elegant design allows them to easily mount the bike without lifting their legs. Also, some feminist activists once said: "The popularity of the Step-Thru model is also a symbol of women being valued. When a woman rides a bicycle, she is showing people a sense of freedom, independence, and self-reliance." Therefore, the Step-Thru model has become more popular with ladies since then. And with the development and improvement over the years, the Step-Thru design has overcome some of the previous shortcomings and adapted to the current riding rules, becoming very humane.


Now, with the rise of electric bicycles, people have more choices. The E-bike with Step-Thru design has always been loved by the majority of ladies. In addition to its convenient and elegant characteristics, the equipment of batteries makes riding easier. Ladies can just wear what they want, whether long skirts or dresses, which is absolutely a piece of good news for women who are not as strong as men.

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The Difference between Step Through Bikes and Step Over Bikes

After briefly understanding the history of Step-thru, you might ask: What is the difference between Step-Thru bike and Step-Over bike? And what kind of frame should I buy? Don't worry, we will answer it from the frame structure, the different uses of the two bicycles and their applicable people.


About the frame

Before introducing these two different frames, you need to know the basic structure of a bicycle. Usually, a bicycle frame consists of two triangles: a main triangle and a paired rear triangle, and the difference between Step-Over and Step-Thru lies in the main triangle. The main triangle generally consists of a head tube, top tube, down tube, and seat tube. In addition to the head tube, the other three tubes are combined with the paired rear triangle to form a diamond shape, which is the basic structure of the original bicycle. 


However, according to Wikipedia: A step-through frame (also known as open frame or low-step frame) is a type of bicycle frame, often used for utility bicycles, with a low top tube that connected in the middle of the seat tube instead of the top, or even without a top tube (cross-bar), resulting in a lower standover height. Due to the lower or absent top tube, Step-Thru E-bike usually has a thicker tubing. The purpose of this is to make the bicycle structure more stable. And a step-over frame has a higher top tube (cross-bar) connected to the top of the seat tube instead.


Different Uses

The Step-Thru model was originally designed to be used for transporting goods and delivery. Delivery men do not need to cross the high frame frequently to get on and off the bike, which is very convenient for them during their repetitive work. Then, as we mentioned before, the ladies found the convenience brought to them by Step-Thru, and this model became popular among women. Until now, Step-Thru design has become a trend in the bicycle industry. Moreover, it is also the prototype of the folding bicycle that has emerged in recent years. This simplified model is more conducive to folding.


The traditional model (Step-Over) has a more stable crossbar structure, so it appears more in rising terrains such as mountains and hills, as well as in long-distance bicycle trips or some cross-country bike competitions.


Applicable People

Of course, different models are suitable for different people. So which electric bicycle is suitable for you, we will help you make a choice.


Due to the simple and elegant design of the Step-Thru model, we believe it will be the best choice for most ladies. If you choose to buy a traditional model, it will bring you a lot of trouble. Except for making you look indecent when you lift your leg, the Step-Over design will easily scratch your dresses and cause damage to them. So please make your own consideration. In addition to women, Step-Thru is also a good choice for the elderly and those with leg injuries and mobility impairments. And for delivery men and other people who need to get on and off the bike frequently, Step-Thru is also a treasure because it reduces the difficulty of their work and saves more time.


As for the Step-Over model, due to its more stable design, it is more suitable for bicycle enthusiasts and those who like challenges. Besides, it is also used in many professional cycling competitions and is the best choice for professional riders. Or for some very tall people, traditional models are more of their flavor.


What are the pros of step-through bikes

In addition to the advantages of low dress requirements and effortless mentioned before, Step-Thru also has the following more advantages:

Lower height requirements

For some people who are not tall enough, Step-Thru is definitely the most suitable model. With its moderate size, you can easily mount the bike and equally easy to get off.

Better safety performance

Compared with traditional bicycles with the high top tube, Step-Thru has better safety performance, because when you lose your balance, you can cross through the bicycle without getting entangled, which may greatly reduce the occurrence of accidents.

More possibilities in the future

With the popularity of electric bicycles in recent years, another type of bicycle has also appeared, that is, folding electric bicycles. The structural basis of folding bicycles is Step-Through. The compact design of Step-Through makes the popularization of folding bikes possible. Perhaps in the future, Himiway will consider developing and launching a folding bicycle.


What are the cons of step-through bikes

Everything has advantages and disadvantages, and so does the Step-Through model. So what are the cons of Step-Thru, let's take a look.

The total weight of the bike may be heavier

Because of the lack of a top tube, the overall structure of the bicycle is not so strong. Therefore, compared with the traditional diamond frame, the Step-Through frame is usually equipped with thicker tubes and other small structural elements, which may increase the overall weight of the bike.

Load and climbing ability is not very strong

Excessive weight and inclined slope may cause the frame to bend, thereby reducing pedaling efficiency and shortening the life of the frame. So please be more cautious when climbing mountains.

Fewer places to install accessories

Most Step-Through frames on the market lack places to install accessories, such as water bottles and pumps, etc., which may cause inconvenience to long-distance cycling.

Difficulty in lifting

When you need to lift it for certain purposes, such as transporting it to another place or repairing it. Because the lacking or sloping tube near the center of gravity, there will be some difficulties to lift it.


However, for Himiway Step-Thru, we considered various possibilities to overcome these difficulties. So we decided to assemble the top tube to a lower position, and install bolts on it for mounting accessories. It not only solves the problem of installing accessories and lifting, but also enhances the load-bearing and climbing ability, the best choice when buying a Step-Through.


If you want to have a more elegant, more convenient, and safer bicycle, such as Himiway All Terrain Step Thru Electric Bike, then you can make your choice now! 

If you are still wondering which one to choose, look through our guide for buying a step thru please.