Himiway Bike Transportation Cost

Transportation Costs

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  • Compatibility:
  • Himiway Cruiser
  • Himiway Escape
  • Himiway Step Thru

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This product is only used to pay for transportation costs and cannot be purchased separately. Please change the quantity according to the actual situation of the payment shipping

Customer Reviews

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Kyle Schooley
Great service

The team was amazing! Couldn't have asked for a better experience!

Scott Braden
Solid customer service!

I stupidly rode my new Cruiser through some water that was deep enough to get the bottom bracket wet. I'm an experienced rider and I know that means the BB will soon be needing replacement. Sure enough, couple days later it's wiggling slightly. Still ride-able but needing replacement. It's a non-standard size due to the wide tires, no regular bike shop stocks them and I wasn't sure the exact sizing. So I emailed Himiway customer support, got the answer a day later, along with ordering instructions. $28 bucks, a fair price, including shipping. Waited a few weeks for shipping but it arrived and we are back at 100%. Good job Himiway!

Cass Casucci

Everything went fine, but took to long.

Mike Sears

Good experience with quick shipping!

David Muellerleile
Charger replaced.

The new charger works great.

Ronald Whaley
Warranty replacement

I had a bad battery charger and after proving via video that the charger had no output, my claim was processed as expected. Two thumbs up.

Barry Combs
Excellent Warranty Service

OBC and charger both failed within a few days of each other. Sent brief vids to customer service and they shipped me new ones a couple days later ($39 shipping fee covered both, shipped separately). Fully satisfied though the shipping charge is a bit steep at $18.50 each! Still better than the weeks of wrangling to get anything done I get from most places.

Dallas Rittenhouse
Replacement helmet

Responded to emails quickly, fast delivery

Albin Kuschel


Tom Harper

Transportation Costs